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Arise 2014

An invitation to help create unbroken prayer for Cheshire East

"I commend the churches across Cheshire East for working together on this initiative and for the invaluable work which so many do in support of our local communities." - Fiona Bruce MP

We invite and encourage as many as possible to join us in a vision to see unbroken prayer for Cheshire East.

You can get involved:

  • as an individual
  • as a small group
  • as a congregation
  • as a group of congregations

You could:

  • join the Cheshire East Prayer Watch
  • run or take part in a week of prayer in your village or town
  • join or host an Arise prayer & praise gathering
  • provide information about prayer needs and news for the Prayer News
  • adopt a street in prayer
  • deliver prayer request cards
  • pray the Lord’s Prayer at midday
  • Start a prayer meeting in your place of work
  • Wear a wrist band

You don’t need to do them all! But it would be great if you can take part in one way or another.

Please pray for

  • the whole vision and initiative
  • the team organising this
  • many to join in
  • the Father’s Kingdom would come and His will be done in Cheshire East.




Neighbourhood Prayer Guide

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Poster 2

Flyer 1

Flyer 2

Cheshire East Prayer Watch:

"I will stand at my watchpost, and station myself on the rampart; I will keep watch to see what he will say to me" Habakkuk 2.

Can you commit an hour or half an hour on a regular weekly basis to help see continuous prayer across the area through each day and night? This does include through the night for those working shifts or insomniacs! You could do this alone or with others.

Visit our sign up page.

24 hours x 7 days x 52 weeks of prayer:

24/7 52 Arise Sword

To have a relay of continuous prayer we would need on average each church or prayer group to cover just 4 half days of prayer a year.

By no means impossible!

Arise Praise and Prayer Gatherings:

Cheshire East is a large area and it is not always possible for people to travel long distances. So throughout the year we travel to you to join with you to hold praise and prayer gatherings in your town or place of work, sometimes in the in afternoons, sometimes the evenings. Often we aim to join with another event or occasion, sometimes with national prayer and mission initiatives.

Watch out for dates and locations and join us. Can you host a meeting? Would you like us to join you?

Adopt a Street in Prayer:

Sometimes those around us have no one to talk to and turn to in a crisis. Many experience loneliness and isolation. If you don’t already, can you meet with other Christians on your street to pray for your neighbours?

Could you commit to praying regularly for one or two neighbouring families or those living alone?

Prayer Request Cards:

Can you deliver cards offering people the opportunity to ask for prayer, anonymously if preferred. These could be used with organised days of prayer for example on your streets or in your place of work, school or leisure centre.

Neighbourhood Prayer Guides:

The prayer guides allow you to record the names of local people, community leaders and organisations so that you can pray for them throughout the year. The guides are based on the Community Prayer Diary from Neighbourhood Prayer Network.

Neighbourhood Prayer Guide

Praying the Lord's Prayer at Midday:

This has been part of the Christian tradition for many centuries. Take 5 minutes each day at midday, or as near as you are able and pray and proclaim the prayer that Jesus taught us over the place that you are in. You could set the alarm on your mobile to remind you.

Prayer Drives:

There are different ways this can be done. Driving around the borders of your town, or the borough. One group of young people drove around their town taking photos of things in their community and used these as a basis for leading a Sunday evening service of prayer.

Prayer Walking:

Preferably in pairs or groups walk and pray through your streets and ask the Lord to bless the good that you see, the homes, the businesses, community centres etc. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and show you things to pray for. You could walk your neighbourhood or perhaps the parish or town boundary.

Wear a wrist band:

Show your commitment to the vision by wearing an “Arise Cheshire East—Your Kingdom Come” wrist band. These will be available from Arise prayer coordinators and through the churches.

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